Photo Credit Gallery

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a great way of licensing images to use. Depending on the type of license the images can be used, modified and redistributed, like for example, on this website.

Note: you can't just take any image you find and claim 'Creative Commons' on it - it doesn't work like that. What you need to look for is images that are specifically released under Creative Commons.

Where do you find those?

Well, you can search using the links provided on the Creative Commons website itself or you can go directly to the sites themselves. I personally quite like Flickr but not every image you find there is licensed under Creative Commons so you have to add that to your search. I find the easiest way to do it is to simply search for a topic from the home page of Flickr then modify the search by choosing from the various Creative Commons drop down options listed top left. If you have done a basic search from the home page the licensing options will say 'All Licenses' after your initial search.

You then need to modify the search. I tend to use 'Commercial Use and Mods allowed' option since I don't wish to fall foul if I crop or otherwise edit a photo and I want to keep our options open should this website move from 'costs only' income generation (one day it'll get there!) to something else in the future.

What's the catch?

The 'catch' (and it isn't really a catch) is that you have to properly attribute the image to the source.

To do that you should include the name of the photographer, the title of the photo and a link to the source.

Why this Credit Gallery exists

Unfortunately, due to the way this website is now structured in order to be fully responsive to mobile browsers and tablets as well as desktop computers and laptops it is not always possible to squeeze the attribution into where the images are placed on the page without breaking it or making it hideously confusing for users due to links being everywhere. We hope you agree that this is a suitable compromise given that this page is linked to from every other on the site and is given prominence at the top of every page.

"I want a link directly from my image wherever it is used on the site"

Sorry, it just isn't possible to do that for some images for the reasons outlined above. If your image has been used and you don't think this is a suitable way to attribute its use on then all that can be done is for the image to be removed entirely. To do that please use the Contact Page, and include your email address, a link to the Flickr page and if possible a link to where the image is used on this site.

"My image appears on the website but isn't in the Credits Gallery"

Oops! Sorry about that! Let us know the details via the Contact Page and the oversight will be put right as soon as possible.

"My image appears in the Credits Gallery but doesn't seem to be anywhere else"

The number of great photos you find hunting for images is truly staggering. Unfortunately they may not fully lend themselves to, for example, resizing or cropping but they're still awesome and deserve a mention.